Joyful Journey Book

Finding your way over the wall and toward your possibilities

"A well written account of how to find joy in the journey and has
take-aways for us all!"

Are you overwhelmed with all the stuff you should do, are supposed to do, that people are counting on you to do kind of life?

Are you afraid to make a change because you feel that you would be letting others down?

Does the saying, burning the candle at both ends resonate with you?

Pam was trudging through her overwhelmed life, burning the candle at both ends and in the middle! It wasn’t until she “hit the wall” that she came to the realization that she wasn’t just exhausted or burned out; she was experiencing a debilitating bout of depression.

What Pam discovered in therapy and continues to discover today is you can shift to another path. You can care for yourself first in a way that is nurturing and sustaining. You can bounce back with joy, purpose and hope. You can see the possibilities again and flourish. She also knew that she wanted to help others before they reached the breaking point!

In Joyful Journey, Pam shares how to be present today and to see tomorrow. Whether you are staring at the wall or trying to pick up the pieces after hitting that “proverbial wall”, this book has something for you. There is joy again, hope again, peace again and you can move forward to the possibilities ahead.

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