Give Yourself a Break

Some of you might have been wondering, where’s Pam?

Well, I took a short break:)

I didn’t plan it, but boy did I need it! I recognized that I was feeling overwhelmed.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Overwhelm can feel all-consuming, taking over our lives, draining our energy and distorting our perspective. It can show up as a lack of focus, an inability to know what to do next, so you freeze. It can take the form of tiredness, irritability, a lack of patience or empathy.

Perhaps it was due to uncertainty, the anger and pain of the world, or the rain. Whatever the reason, I knew I needed to give myself a break.

We all go through times in our lives where we feel overwhelmed. And guess what…

 It is OK to not be OK some of the time!

As a matter of fact, when we are feeling overwhelmed, our mind, body and spirit is calling out for guidance! This internal call for help stimulates us to pause, give ourselves a break and take time regroup. To take a moment and remember what is most important and what is getting in the way of us moving forward.

Thankfully, this was not the first time I’ve been overwhelmed, nor would it be my last. And once I stopped and took a break, I knew what to do – draw from my reservoir of resilience – a reservoir of hope, optimism, support from others, and personal strength.

With the underpinning of resiliency, I could then take one step to move out of overwhelm. For me, it was talking to someone I trusted. Someone who would actively listen and help me out of the muddy hole I had fallen into.

This one step is action. By taking action we are taking back some control so that overwhelm is no longer completely governing our lives.

Remember, trying to tackle overwhelm on your own and all at once is, well, it’s overwhelming. So start by acknowledging how you feel, asking for support and identifying small steps you can take to help you gently back to calmness.

Be well and stay safe,


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