Cultivating the Possibilities… It’s time to accentuate the positive!

Cultivating the Possibilities

I’ve taken on a personal and professional challenge this year to ‘live my mission’.

I want to share joy and experience joy with everyone I meet through wholehearted living.

Over the past few months I have immersed myself in all aspects of what that means. Heavy work, but so rewarding!

What values do I hold dear?       What matters most and why?

How do I share joy and wholehearted living in my personal and professional life?

How can I be my best self and help others “away from the wall and toward their possibilities”?

The answer to these questions helped me design one sentence to address the challenge.

Cultivate possibilities through joyful confidence

Over the next 11 months we’ll dive into multiple ways to cultivate the possibilities. There will be lots of opportunities for deeper understanding through several webinar series this year! Stayed tuned for more information coming soon!

The first way to cultivate the possibilities is recognizing the importance of positive emotions in our work life and our home life.

Are you familiar with the quote from Barbara Fredrickson?

“The negative screams at you, but the positive only whispers”

This negativity is contagious and produces toxicity. The good news is that positive emotions are contagious too!

It’s time to accentuate the positive!

Dr. Fredrickson’s work in positive emotions tells us that people who cultivate positive emotions in themselves and in those around them achieve psychological growth. As a result, they also improved psychological and physical well-being. Repeated positive emotions fuel resiliency and build personal resources.

I learned more about the impact of positive emotions recently while working on my own professional development. I refilled my cup while attending “Enhancing Caregiver Resilience: Burnout and Quality Improvement” at Duke Patient Safety Center.

Dr. Bryan Sexton and his team presented an excellent 2 day event. Practices for cultivating resilience as a means of reducing burnout was shared through review of the evidence and real time application of strategies. We all received tools and resources for cultivating positive emotions in ourselves and others. For  more information, check out this link.

This course amplified the importance of caring for self and instilling positive emotions within our workplaces.  We work in complex, stressful environments. We can mitigate the ‘negative screaming’ by broadening our use of positive emotions.

Negative emotions limit what we see, positive emotions expand what we see.

The top ten positive emotions identified in the literature are gratitude, joy, serenity, interest, hope, a sense of pride, amusement (humor), inspiration, awe, and love.

I’ve focused on one positive emotion today, gratitude. We can use that emotion in a meaningful way to fuel resiliency personally and professionally. Remember, resilience has been described as  a protective factor in preventing the negative consequences of stress.

Gratitude – a feeling of thankfulness, for something specific or simply all-encompassing, often accompanied by humility and even reverence.

Ways we can cultivate positive emotion and resiliency through gratitude include:

  • List what you are grateful for
  • Write a gratitude letter to a friend/colleague
  • Begin the practice 3 Good Things.
  • Take a moment and see the good around you

Gratitude is seeing and appreciating the blessings of life that surround us all the time. Practicing gratitude is active and starts with the simple decision of choosing what to focus on. Because what we focus on expands in our field of vision.

By choosing gratitude, we focus on abundance and opportunities, and we attract more of those assets. It’s contagious!

Until next time,