Reflect and Rediscover

Contemplative practices to reflect, rediscover and renew your focus as a Nurse Leader

The second part of the year is upon us! Have you taken a moment to reflect on your goals and aspirations? Did you accomplish what you set out to do thus far? What will you focus on during the last six months of the year?

For us to know the answers to these questions, we must pause and reflect.

Recently I held what I called a midyear retreat to do just that. I left the office, found a quiet place in nature and began reviewing my goals, accomplishments and desired plans for the final months of 2018. I was super excited to see my progress as a nurse entrepreneur and grateful for the opportunities given. Rediscovering areas that I wanted to pursue and focus on for the rest of the year also came during my retreat. This time was necessary for me to know my next moves as a leader.

Sure, I recognize that plans don’t always follow the projected path.

What I do understand from experience is that when you take time to really look at what you are doing, you can gain clarity and rediscover the purpose of your work.

Bill George, Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School and author of Discover Your True North discussed contemplative practices that helped him to be a successful leader when interviewed by Daniel Goleman. Bill noticed that he was chasing everything – 25, 50 objectives all at once. He had no sense of clarity. When he began to pause and meditate, he gained a sense of what was important. He learned to separate the wheat from the chaff and came out of it with the three or four things that he really need to go focus on.

Meditation is but one of several contemplative practices that can enhance your self-awareness. Others include writing, prayer, talking with someone about ideas, or going for a jog to clear your head (save this one for after work). My practice is taking a long walk where I gain clarity and focus.

How do you reflect, rediscover and renew?

Do you take time daily, weekly, monthly to review your progress?

When you do…you can celebrate accomplishments, renew goals, and rediscover clarity and purpose!