Mindful or Mind Full

Are your mindful or is your mind full?

Has this happened to you?

You’re washing your hair, get lost in your thoughts and then you have to ask yourself…did I use the conditioner already, or not? I can’t remember!  

Can you relate? Now some people might say, “Pam, you’re getting old; it happens”. While I appreciate the statement, I think it is something else, my mind is full! As a result, I can’t process or focus on what is happening at the moment.





Today’s world is full of 24/7 information, innovation, work and other important and not so important stuff. Because of all of this stuff, when become overwhelmed.

What have you forgotten recently because your brain was functioning in ‘overwhelm mode’?

When our mind spins without purpose we tend to:

  • Let bad things linger and negativity build
  • Focus on our mistakes and increase anxiety
  • Worry more about how we will get everything done

Being mindful is paying attention on purpose in the present moment with kindness and curiosity. It is being attentive and aware in the moment.

How does being mindful positively impact our ability to thrive in today’s world? Mindfulness based practices:

  • Enhance overall health
  • Can decrease stress
  • Promote recovery and build resiliency
  • Increase self-kindness

The next time you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or unsure if you conditioned your hair already or not…try this exercise that incorporates several key strategies of mindfulness. Reach for a moment of calm awareness with a mindful SNACK.

STOP – Just stop whatever you’re doing.

NOTICE – What is happening within and around you?

ACCEPT – This is a tricky one. Whatever it is you’re struggling with…time, work, kids, sleepiness, frustration…it is what is, accept it for what it is, without judgement

CURIOUS – Be curious. Ground yourself with questions about your experience and environment. What am I feeling? What do I need right now?

KINDNESS – Respond to yourself and others (mistakes and all) with kindness and observe how that helps things get back on track.

For additional mindful practices visit link.

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Mindfully yours 🙂