Nurses Leading With Your Heart

Nurses Leading with Heart: No purchase required

Happy Valentine’s Day fellow Nurse Leaders!

I’m sure many of you have focused on the heart this month starting with wearing red to spotlight heart disease in women and now sharing our heartfelt love with others on Valentine’s Day.

How might we communicate leading with heart? Is it ‘O.K.’ to talk about how you are feeling with your team? Can we lead with our heart as well as our brain?

Most likely, we are aware of emotions in the workplace, we just might not choose to discuss them in general conversation. Joshua Freedman, author of the Heart of Leadership and CEO of Six Seconds states, “Emotions drive people, and people drive performance”. Freedman’s work in Emotional Intelligence focuses on organizational climate and factors that enhance individual and team success. He discusses how emotions can be assets in the workplace.

As nurses, we can lead with our hearts by first recognizing our own feelings and actions. Then we can connect with our colleagues and patients with greater empathy; respecting one another and building relationships of trust.

This month lead with your heart. Here are a few ways to get you started. Lead with your heart and watch what happens next!

Take time to see how your feelings ‘show up’ and continue learning and leading.

Share a cup of coffee with a colleague and strike up a conversation around how they are feeling about a project

Casually talk with your staff and ask them about their family, a recent vacation, or how they are doing today?

This heartfelt approach can and will enhance relationships and provide a work climate that excels.

Until next time,