Leading with Hope

A nurse leader moves his/her team forward with vision, strength, optimism and yes, hope.

For the next couple of weeks, we have a front row seat in watching some of the world’s greatest athletes compete for a gold medal in their sport. The journey to the Olympics is filled with stories of struggle, pain, loss, and hope.  I dare say that a nurse leader’s journey has some of the same stories.

Hope is a vital part of our human existence.

The confident belief that there is something better instead of something worse. Something to live for and invest energy in gives life its necessary depth and meaning. Hope empowers us to push through incredible obstacles and challenges, to defy the odds and keep going.

Since life, like sport, is messy, full of mistakes and failures, we need hope. Only those who have hope fight on. Those with little hope fight little. Those with no hope don’t fight at all. The Olympic Games offer us a great opportunity to be reminded of some areas that we can strengthen in our leadership. Perhaps even aid us as we pursue our personal and professional goals. Life consistently offers us the opportunity to be successful in spite of the challenges. It is important for us to persevere through to our goal.

There are eight characteristics that successful athletes stay committed to: determination, strength, hard work, motivation, management of adversity, optimism/positive attitude, focus, and stress tolerance. Consider including some or all of these focus areas in your leadership. The payoff could be as good as or even greater than receiving a gold medal.

Olympian Jessie Owens said, “One chance is all you need.” We must consistently position ourselves with all of the preparation and commitment needed to make the most out of a one chance opportunity.

Go out and commit to your goals, your aspirations and Go with Hope!