Notes on a Plane

Notes on a Plane

Do you ever have time where you can minimize distractions, focus and really single task? It’s hard, right?

The day to day responsibilities required of us as nurse leaders often take up our entire schedule. Recently while traveling from a conference in Houston to another event in Providence, RI. I had more than 3 hours on a plane. What an opportunity…uninterrupted time!

What could I do on that plane that would (1) take up time, (2) rest my brain and (3) be productive?

Reviewing my notes from the week and seeing how I was progressing with goals, new ideas, and the little check boxes I put beside things I wanted to complete sounded like an excellent use of the time. Three uninterrupted hours instead of a few minutes used in my daily ‘check-ins’! So excited!

Daily ‘check-ins’ for me are usually midday where I pause and review the day thus far; revise my schedule based on any new developments and then return to the priorities of the day. This tool of checking in is particularly helpful for new nurse leaders establishing their daily routine.

While on the plane, I went through my daily notes, saw that I was moving forward in accomplishing several of my goals, and took a moment to happily check off a few key tasks! This gave me time to focus on areas that still needed to be addressed and transfer those priorities for completion by weeks’ end…Powerful!

I also had time to expand my thoughts and ideas around new possibilities.  As a self proclaimed Possibilitarian, it is important to recognize the possibilities available all around us!

During some of this time, I took the time to write down the many blessings received while in Houston, while they were fresh in my mind (thank you for the idea Kim😊). I am truly blessed to share my love of nursing and continue to lead, learn and grow as a nurse leader.

Finally, I rested. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride.

  • What can do the next time you are given that uninterrupted time?
  • Is there something you wanted to focus on but hadn’t yet had the time?
  • How could you be productive while “stuck on a plane”?

Safe journeys,