Building Resiliency Through Relationships

This summer I reached out to family and friends after my mom passed away. A primary factor in resilience is having caring, supportive relationships with loved ones. Building these relationships with family members, friends, colleagues and other support people are vital.

Care and support around you acts as a protective factor during times of crisis. These relationships are built on trust and respect. It is important to have people you can confide in. While merely talking about a situation with a friend or loved one will not make troubles go away, it can help to share your feelings, gain support, receive positive feedback, and come up with possible ways to move forward.

I have been able to respond and move forward in my personal situation. The same building blocks in resiliency can be very important in your nursing practice. You face daily crises as a leader in healthcare. Some are easily navigated while others are more severe.

Many of our nursing colleagues recently rode out hurricanes Harvey and Irma caring for those hospitalized not knowing if they would have a house to go home to. The experiences they had during these catastrophic events have made them stronger. What an amazing group of people! They inspired me with their ability to bounce back with greater resilience.

Have you built relationships in your work setting that you call upon during a time of crisis?

Do you have that “go to” person or team that will rally around you to help solve the situation?

Building your resilience is an ongoing process that will take time and effort. Moments of joy, love and support are resiliency building blocks. Brené Brown’s quote below says it so well.

“Joy, collected over time, fuels resilience – ensuring we’ll have reservoirs of emotional strength when hard things happen.”

Resilience does not eliminate stress or life’s difficulties but resilient people understand that setbacks happen and that life can be hard and painful. They still experience the emotional pain, grief, and sense of loss that comes after a tragedy, but their overall outlook allows them to work through such feelings and move forward.

Building and maintaining relationships is a tool / strategy that will assist you on your journey. My mom always told me “not to rob them of their joy”. Accept help and support from those around you and assist others whenever you can. You’ll be stronger for it!

Join me next week to hear how hope and optimism are resiliency builders