Giving Thanks


Often at Thanksgiving we gather around the table and acknowledge what we are thankful for. This year consider the important aspect of giving. Research studies have shown that giving is also good for the giver.  Physical and mental health is enhanced. These health benefits include lower blood pressure, less depression, lower stress levels, longer life, and greater happiness.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Psychophysiology, people who gave social support to others had lower blood pressure than people who didn’t. Supportive interaction with others also helped people recover from coronary-related events. Additional research discussed in a 2011 Harvard Health Publications suggests that one aspect of the Thanksgiving season can actually lift the spirits, and it’s built right into the holiday — expressing gratitude.

Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.

It is this feeling of gratitude that I share with you today.

Be joyful and always take time for…

Big smiles, Sunday mornings, long walks, warm appreciation, precious memories, things that bring a sense of joy to your heart, staying in touch…with the people who will always mean so much.

Find a way to… Be good to yourself. Build the bridges that will take you everywhere you’ve ever wanted to go. Write out your own definition of success, and then do you absolute best to make that story come true. Get closer and closer to the summit of every mountain you’ve ever wanted to climb. Make the most…of your moment…of this moment in time…

Make plans to… Slow down the days. Find your perfect pace. Be strong enough. Be gentle enough. Read the sweet rewards that will come from all the good things you do and all the great things you give. Keep things in perspective.

Remember to… Invest wisely in the best riches of all. Share invaluable words over warm cups in quiet places. Treasure time spent in heart-to-heart conversations. Laugh a lot. Work it all out. Move ahead of every worry. Move beyond any sorrows. Have yourself a wealth of beautiful tomorrows.

                                                                                                                                             – Douglas Pagels

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