Leading, Learning, and Growing in Leadership

Hi im-a-possibilitarianeveryone,

I’m so excited to be launching our website for Spivey Consulting, LLC. This has been a dream for over a year and today it is coming true! I look forward to connecting with you and sharing insights in leadership, professional growth and personal coaching.

I remember someone saying to me not long ago that the possibilities are endless! I can now attest to being a true Possibilitarian!!

As a nurse leader, I’ve had the opportunity to share my expertise and passion for the profession as well as learn new and exciting skills. These skills will help propel me into the next phase of my career.  I recognize how vital it is to remain relevant in healthcare and I want to help you achieve all that you dream about too!

Moving forward I want to help other nurses lead, learn and grow in their professional career; to experience the joy in nursing whether that be at the bedside or in the board room.

Is there something that is robbing you of your joy right now?

Are you spending time putting out fires instead of focusing on that ‘one great thing’?

Do you feel like you’re ‘spinning plates’ and can’t seem to prioritize?

Connect with me and we’ll get to the heart of the matter. Whether it be through one-on-one coaching or working with your team, we can reclaim your joy!

I look forward to hearing from you,


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