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Continuing to Thrive in Uncertain Times

Rethink, refocus, and renew I recently received an excellent article from the International Coaching Federation. The author, Ellen Kocher, ACC writes about working during unknown times such as these with the COVID-19 pandemic. She shares her experiences as a Health Coach in Switzerland, where drastic measures have already taken place. Much like our country, she …

Resilient and Ready for 2020

Strategies for enhancing individual and collective resilient practices “Resilience is being able to bounce back even when things are difficult or you face disappointment”                                                                         – Pam Spivey Do you have a network of people who offer you support? Are you able to keep a positive attitude during difficult situations? Do you take good …

Accentuate the Positive

Shifting from Negative to Positive Mindset with JOY We are wired to pay attention to the negative.  This helps us avoid danger and also alerts us to problems that need solving.  However, we can often get stuck on the negative and forget about all the positive aspects of our lives.  When we feel overwhelmed by …

Grateful for the Journey

Grateful for the Journey As I reflect on the past month, one emotion keeps showing up, gratitude! Grateful for the opportunity to see enthusiastic nurse entrepeneurs ready to launch their new careers. Grateful to see amazing neonatal nurse leaders making a difference in the lives of the patients and families they serve. And grateful to …

Mindful or Mind Full

Are your mindful or is your mind full? Has this happened to you? You’re washing your hair, get lost in your thoughts and then you have to ask yourself…did I use the conditioner already, or not? I can’t remember!   Can you relate? Now some people might say, “Pam, you’re getting old; it happens”. While I …

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