Leading, Learning, and Growing as a Nurse Leader

aq5_2022-copy_ppWorking with nurse leaders who want to move forward in their personal/professional life

Guiding individual clients and corporate teams through professional coaching, leadership development events, and consultative services.

Coaching and leadership development focused on:
– Tapping into strengths
– Leveraging their unique potential
– Maximizing leader potential
– Growing their leadership capacity

As a nurse leader for the past 32 years, I appreciate the Awesomeness that is nursing. I also know what a toll it can take on your overall health and well-being.

Do any or all of the questions below resonate with you?

Are you struggling with the many stressors that arise daily?

Do you want to reconnect to ‘why’ you became a nurse?

What are you aspiring to do next?

I welcome the opportunity to work with you, your leadership team or organization.